Director: Gur Bentwich Starring: Gur Bentwich, Maya Kenig, Dover Kosahvili ProductionGurumaya Productions  Country: Israel  Genre:  comedy  Duration: 92  Language: Hebrew


The story of a neurotic film director, whose fear of failure, death, and losing control all surface on the night his new film is released. The urge to expose his film to the whole world and his obsession with the film’s failing distribution campaign create an unforgettable night—at least for him and his band of eccentric friends.

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Press Reviews

« In his new film Gur Bentwich reaches his artistic peak »
Netanel Shmulevitch – Haaretz
« Better and more touching than Almadovar’s new film »
Benjamin Tobaias – Yediot Ahronot

« A personal, intense, funny yet bothering, nocturnal odyssey told by an incredibly talented and original artist! »
Yair Raveh – Cinemascope
« What an explosion of life and cinema this great movie is. So glad Bentwich is back with such insane energies! »
Or Sigoly – Srita